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    Changes are Chances


​3 good reasons to dive in with 
Innsæi to give meaning to your life


Embark on a thrilling journey of change and discovery. Dare to break free from the ordinary and forge a unique path. Embrace the unknown, rewrite your destiny, and create a life unlike any other. The world awaits those audacious enough to make a difference.


Embrace growth by stepping outside your comfort zone. Take the leap into Innsæi and unlock your boundless potential. Immerse yourself in your innermost depths, uncovering the essence of your true self. Dive into your Innsaei and embark on a profound journey of self-discovery. 


Imagine a wondrous transformation where your life's purpose unfurls before you, akin to a majestic butterfly spreading its vibrant wings. Embrace the metamorphosis that awaits, revealing the beauty and fulfillment of your true calling.

Ivan Silvester

Innsæi Life Navigator & Innsæi Master

Awaken your true self & discover your InnSaei

At the heart of your true self lies the art of connecting information. When we inquire about the process behind a creative endeavor, those gifted individuals often blush with modesty, for they didn't consciously "do" it; they simply perceived something extraordinary. Over time, what seemed apparent to them became apparent to all. This remarkable ability stems from their capacity to blend experience and intuition, fusing them into the synthesis of novel creations.
Icons such as Nikola Tesla and Beethoven stand as shining exemplars of this phenomenon.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • ....Within the depths of your contented life, a persistent question lingers: ..In den Tiefen deines zufriedenen Lebens bleibt eine hartnäckige Frage zurück:....
  • ...."What if there is more?" An old dream, once vibrant, has been shuffled back and forth, accompanied by the mantra,  "One day, I'll..." Doubts of its feasibility arise – it feels too late, too difficult, too costly, or too intricate to pursue. .."Was, wenn es mehr gibt?" Ein alter Traum, einst lebendig, wurde hin und her geschoben, begleitet vom Mantra: "Eines Tages werde ich..." Zweifel an seiner Machbarkeit tauchen auf - es fühlt sich zu spät an, zu schwierig, zu teuer oder zu kompliziert, um ihn zu verfolgen. ....
  • ....Occasionally, the inquiry emerges: "How did I end up here?" ..Gelegentlich taucht die Frage auf: "Wie bin ich hier gelandet?"....
  • ....Though you've attempted small strides toward your aspirations, progress remains elusive. .. Obwohl du kleine Schritte in Richtung deiner Ziele unternommen hast, bleibt der Fortschritt unerreichbar. ....
  • ....Negative thoughts haunt your path, impeding your journey.  ..Negative Gedanken verfolgen deinen Weg und behindern deine Reise.....
  • ....The repetition of familiar mistakes bewilders you. .. Die Wiederholung bekannter Fehler verwirrt dich.....
  • ....And amidst it all, an ache for profound connections and profound meaning in your relationships reverberates. .. Und mittendrin hallt ein Verlangen nach tiefen Verbindungen und tiefgründiger Bedeutung in deinen Beziehungen nach. ....


Discover the profound significance of a life imbued with purpose, or what is commonly referred to as "your why." It transcends the mundane routines and encompasses the grander essence and trajectory of your existence. Though unique to each individual, it often involves harmonising your passions, values, and talents in a manner that not only brings personal fulfillment but also serves as a wellspring of inspiration and enrichment for others. 

Are you prepared to embark on the quest to uncover your why, igniting a transformative journey of self-discovery and purpose? 


Unveiling one's life purpose and living in alignment with it can infuse existence with renewed purpose, motivation, and profound significance. Are you truly living life authentically, or are you persisting down a painful path without understanding why?

Fear not, for your Innsæi LifeNavigator is here to guide you on a profound exploration of your motivations, comfort zones, fears, and untapped potential. Within you lies the concealed treasure of happiness, awaiting discovery. 

Are you prepared to take the plunge and embark on this transformative journey of self-discovery? 


Awakening entails cultivating awareness of your actions, transcending fears with courage, comprehending your thoughts, embracing free expression, embracing self-love, and confidently living out your potential. Through this transformation, your environment, friends, and loved ones will perceive you through new lenses, and your zest for life will become infectious. 

As your Innsæi LifeNavigator, I perceive what lies beyond your current awareness, even that which remains unseen or consciously ignored. 

....Are you prepared to embark on the awakening journey, unlocking new dimensions of existence and embracing a life of profound authenticity? 


Innsæi LifeNavigator


Indeed, your true worth surpasses the limitations you may perceive. Beneath the surface lies a vast reservoir of untapped potential, waiting to be explored and unleashed. Embrace the belief that you are capable of achieving greatness, of surpassing your own expectations. You possess qualities and abilities that can positively impact the world around you. Recognise your inherent value and dare to embrace the extraordinary life that awaits you. 

You are worth more than you can imagine

Are you ready for a change ?

What are the benefits of InnSaei in Business?

Intuition, in addition to data-driven and analytical thinking, can serve as a vital asset in the realm of business. While decision-making in business often relies on rationality and analysis, intuition can offer valuable insights and complement these approaches.


.Valuable customer experiences

Over the past 20 years, I have had the incredible opportunity to train, teach and coach over two thousand individuals. Additionally, I have been actively involved in more than a hundred start-ups. This extensive experience highlights the depth of my expertise and the profound impact I had on countless individuals and entrepreneurial ventures



Ivan always challenges me to leave my comfort zone, to challenge myself, to outgrow myself. Without him I would not be where I am today



Wow, for over twenty years we have known each other. With Ivan you just don't stop learning new things. As a martial artist and now 7th Grade Master, I am used to challenge. 



I was stuck. Ivan helped me overcome my fears. It's always good to have someone who takes an outside look at your own self and company.



When it comes to finding new ways or going deep, finding out what's really inside you, Ivan brings it to light. Transformation guaranteed.



Through Ivan's teachings in a heartfelt conversation exercise, a remarkable transformation occurred. After many years, I was able to embrace my son again, unburdened by worries that had plagued my relationship. This powerful experience speaks volumes about the profound impact that intentional communication and understanding can have on our closest connections. May this reunion serve as a reminder of the immense power we possess to heal and nurture our relationships, fostering a renewed sense of love, trust, and joy.